Cordyline fruticosa (L.) A. Chev. [ Dracaena brasiliensis Schultes & Schultes f.]
Orbigny, C.V.D. d’ , Dictionnaire universel d’histoire naturelle, plates vol. 3 (1841-1849)
Dict. Univ. Hist. Nat.

t. 7[Monocotylédones 12]
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name recognized:
274393 Cordyline fruticosa (L.) A. Chev.
name recognized (basionym):
270499 Convallaria fruticosa L.

name cited:
358726 Dracaena brasiliensis Schultes & Schultes f.

drawing: Maubert
family: Agavaceae
subfamily: Dracenoideae
epithet cited: brasiliensis,-is,-e

epithet recognized: fruticosus,-a,-um

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Library of Congress, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Convallaria fruticosa L.; Cordyline fruticosa var. ferrea (L.) R.R.Fernandez; Taetsia fruticosa (L.) Merr.; Terminalis fruticosa (L.) Kuntze;
heterotypic synonyms:
Aletris chinensis Lam.; Asparagus terminalis L.; Calodracon heliconiifolia (Otto & A.Dietr.) Planchon; Calodracon jacquinii (Kunth) Planchon; Calodracon nobilis Planchon; Calodracon sieberi (Kunth) Planchon; Calodracon terminalis (L.) Planchon; Cordyline amabilis Cogn. & Marchand; Cordyline baptistii Cogn. & Marchand; Cordyline cheesemanii Kirk; Cordyline dennisonii André; Cordyline densicoma Linden & André; Cordyline eschscholziana Mart. ex Schultes & Schultes f.; Cordyline ferrea (L.) Endl.; Cordyline gloriosa Linden & André; Cordyline guilfoylei Linden ex Lemaire; Cordyline hedychioides F. Muell.; Cordyline heliconiifolia Otto & A.Dietr.; Cordyline hendersonii Cogn. & Marchand; Cordyline jacquinii Kunth; Cordyline javanica Klotzsch ex Kunth; Cordyline metallica Dallière; Cordyline nobilis (Planchon) K. Koch; Cordyline reali (Linden & André) G.Nicholson; Cordyline regina Veitch ex Regel; Cordyline sepiaria Seemann; Cordyline sieberi Kunth; Cordyline terminalis (L.) Kunth; Cordyline ti Schott; Cordyline timorensis Planchon; Dianella cubensis A. Rich.; Dracaena alborosea Baker; Dracaena amabilis auct.; Dracaena argenteostriata W.Bull; Dracaena aurora Linden & André; Dracaena baptistii auct.; Dracaena bellula Linden & André; Dracaena brasiliensis Schultes & Schultes f.; Dracaena casanovae Linden & André; Dracaena chelsoni Veitch; Dracaena cooperi Regel; Dracaena coullingii auct.; Dracaena cuprea L.Linden & Rodigas; Dracaena cuprea T.Moore; Dracaena densicoma Linden & André; Dracaena douceti auct.; Dracaena erecta L.f.; Dracaena esculenta Regel; Dracaena ferrea L.; Dracaena flemingii Baker; Dracaena formosa Baker; Dracaena fraseri Baker; Dracaena gibsonii Baker; Dracaena gloriosa Linden ex E.Morren; Dracaena guilfoylei Veitch ex Regel; Dracaena hybrida auct.; Dracaena illustris Baker; Dracaena imperialis Baker; Dracaena inscripta Baker; Dracaena leonensis Lodd. ex Loudon; Dracaena lineata Baker; Dracaena lutescens Verschaff.; Dracaena macleayi Regel; Dracaena magnifica Baker; Dracaena metallica W.Bull; Dracaena neocaledonica Linden; Dracaena nobilis Baker; Dracaena porteana Baker; Dracaena pulchella Baker; Dracaena pulcherrima Baker; Dracaena reali Linden & André; Dracaena regalis Baker; Dracaena reginae T.Moore; Dracaena regis André; Dracaena robinsoniana André; Dracaena rothiana Carrière; Dracaena salviati Linden; Dracaena sepiaria Seemann; Dracaena siamensis Baker; Dracaena spectabilis Baker; Dracaena splendens Baker; Dracaena sulcata Baker; Dracaena terminalis L.; Dracaena troubetzkoi Linden & André; Dracaena utilis Baker; Dracaena warocquei Linden & André; Taetsia ferrea Medik.; Taetsia terminalis (L.) W.Wight;
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6 274393 Cordyline fruticosa (L.) A. Chev. (L.) A. Chev. [Dracaena brasiliensis Schultes & Schultes f.]
C.V.D. d’ Orbigny, Dict. Univ. Hist. Nat.: t. 7[Monocotylédones 12] (1841-1849) [Maubert]