Begonia obliqua L.
Thornton, R.J., New illustration of the sexual system of Carolus von Linnaeus and the temple of Flora, or garden of nature (1807)
New Ill. Sex. Syst.


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name recognized (= name cited):
134924 Begonia obliqua L.

family: Begoniaceae
epithet: obliquus,-a,-um

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heterotypic synonyms:
Begonia disticha Klotzsch; Begonia dominicalis A. DC.; Begonia grandiflora Jacq.; Begonia macrophylla Dryand.; Begonia macrophylla Lam.; Begonia martinicensis A. DC.; Begonia odorata Willd.; Begonia purpurea Sw.; Begonia rotundifolia Griseb.; Begonia suaveolens Haw.;
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