Lilium bulbiferum L.
Weiss, A.G., Unpublished drawings of plants from the botanical garden at Lemberg [ca 1862-1872] (1862-1872)
Unpublished drawings botanical garden Lemberg

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name recognized (= name cited):
604383 Lilium bulbiferum L.

drawing: A.G. Weiss
family: Liliaceae
subfamily: Lilioideae
tribe: Lilieae
epithet: bulbifer, bulbifera, bulbiferum

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heterotypic synonyms:
Lilium atrosanguineum H.Vilm.; Lilium aurantiacum Weston; Lilium biligulatum Baker; Lilium croceum Chaix; Lilium elatum Salisb.; Lilium fulgens Baxter; Lilium fulgens E.Morren ex Spae; Lilium haematochroum Lemaire; Lilium humile Miller; Lilium lateritium Baker; Lilium latifolium Link; Lilium luteum Gaterau; Lilium pictum Baker; Lilium pubescens Bernh. ex Hornem.; Lilium sanguineum Lindl.; Lilium scabrum Moench; Lilium sibiricum Willd.;
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Lilium bulbiferum L.
A.G. Weiss, Unpublished drawings botanical garden Lemberg: (1862-1872) [A.G. Weiss]