Mandevilla hirsuta (Rich.) Schumann
Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden (1914-2013)
Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard.

vol. 57 (1970)
t. 19 p. 106
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Mandevilla hirsuta (Rich.) Schumann

name cited:
Mandevilla hirsuta (Rich.) Schumann
name cited (basionym):
Echites hirsutus Rich.
name recognized:
Mandevilla hirsuta (Rich.) Schumann
name recognized (basionym):
Echites hirsutus Rich.
drawing: L. Mourré
family: Apocynaceae
subfamily: Apocynoideae
epithet: hirsutus,-a,-um

Illustration contributed by:
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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contact about this record homotypic synonyms:
Amblyanthera hirsuta (Rich.) Miers; Echites hirsutus Rich.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Amblyanthera campestris (Vell.) Muell. Arg.; Amblyanthera ciliata (Stadelm.) Muell. Arg.; Amblyanthera claussenii (A. DC. ex Mull.Arg.) Miers; Amblyanthera fluminensis (A. DC.) Muell. Arg.; Amblyanthera hispida Muell. Arg.; Amblyanthera lasiocarpa (A. DC.) Muell. Arg.; Amblyanthera macrophylla (Kunth) Muell. Arg.; Amblyanthera ovata Miers; Amblyanthera palustris Muell. Arg.; Angadenia almadensis (Stadelm.) Miers; Echites almadensis Stadelm.; Echites auriculatus Pohl ex Stadelm.; Echites campestris Vell.; Echites ciliatus Stadelm.; Echites fluminensis A. DC.; Echites hirsutus Stadelm.; Echites hirsutus Vell.; Echites hispidus Roemer & Schultes; Echites lasiocarpus A. DC.; Echites macrophyllus Kunth; Echites mollis Willd. ex Roemer & Schultes; Echites palustris Salm-Dyck ex A. DC.; Echites palustris Salzm. ex Muell. Arg.; Echites richardii Roemer & Schultes; Echites stadelmeyeri Mart. ex Stadelm.; Echites tomentosus Vahl; Mandevilla auriculata (Pohl ex Stadelm.) Schumann; Mandevilla denticulata S.F.Blake; Mandevilla fluminensis (A. DC.) Donn. Sm.; Mandevilla fluminensis (A. DC.) Donn.Sm. ex Pittier; Mandevilla hispida (Roemer & Schultes) Hemsley; Mandevilla lasiocarpa (A. DC.) Malme; Mandevilla macrophylla (Kunth) Schumann; Mandevilla palustris (Muell. Arg.) Hemsley; Mandevilla rusbyi Britton; Mandevilla tomentosa (Vahl) Kuntze; Mandevilla tomentosa (Vahl) Schumann; Rhabdadenia campestris (Vell.) Miers; Temnadenia lasiocarpa (A. DC.) Miers; Temnadenia lobbiana (A. DC.) Miers; Temnadenia palustris (Muell. Arg.) Miers; Temnadenia tomentosa (Vahl) Miers;
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