Ipomoea violacea L. [ Ipomoea longiflora R. Br.]
Banks, J., Solander, D., James, Illustrations of Australian plants (1900-1905)
Ill. Austral. Pl. Cook’s Voy.

vol. 2
t. 222
name recognized:
557494 Ipomoea violacea L.

name cited:
556856 Ipomoea longiflora R. Br.

drawing: J.F. Miller
family: Convolvulaceae
epithet cited: longiflorus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: violaceus,-a,-um

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heterotypic synonyms:
Calonyction grandiflorum (Jacq.) Choisy; Calonyction jacquinii G. Don; Calonyction tuba (Schltdl.) Colla; Convolvulus grandiflorus Jacq.; Convolvulus tuba Schltdl.; Ipomoea glaberrima Bojer ex Hook.; Ipomoea grandiflora (Jacq.) Hallier f.; Ipomoea longiflora R. Br.; Ipomoea macrantha Roemer & Schultes; Ipomoea tuba (Schltdl.) G. Don;
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