[ Crassula capitella subsp. (Thunb.) Toelken]
Moninckx, J., Moninckx atlas
Moninckx atlas

vol. 6 (1682)
t. 12
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name recognized:

name cited:
283295 Crassula capitella subsp. (Thunb.) Toelken

name cited (basionym):
283289 Crassula capitella Thunb.
cited subspecies:
family: Crassulaceae
epithet: capitellus,-a,-um

Illustration contributed by:
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
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homotypic synonyms:
Crassula capitella subsp. thyrsiflora (Thunb.) Toelken;
heterotypic synonyms:
Crassula albanensis Schönland; Crassula capitellata DC.; Crassula impressa (Haw.) D.Dietr.; Crassula paniculata (Haw.) D.Dietr.; Crassula rufopunctata Schönland; Crassula spicata Thunb.; Crassula subbifera Schönland; Globulea impressa Haw.; Globulea paniculata Haw.;
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