Alocasia longiloba Miq. [ Alocasia lowii var. picta Hook.f.]
Rothschild, J., plantes a feuillage coloré [original ed. E.J. Lowe and W. Howard, Beautiful leaved plants (1861)] (1865)
Pl. Feuill. Col.

vol. 2 (1870)
t. 29
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Alocasia longiloba Miq.

name cited:
Alocasia lowii var. picta Hook.f.
name recognized:
Alocasia longiloba Miq.
family: Araceae
epithet cited: lowii

epithet recognized: longilobus,-a,-um

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Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, U.K.
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heterotypic synonyms:
Alocasia amabilis W.Bull; Alocasia argyrea Sander; Alocasia cochinchensis Pierre ex Engl. & K.Krause; Alocasia curtisii N.E. Br.; Alocasia cuspidata Engl.; Alocasia denudata Engl.; Alocasia eminens N.E. Br.; Alocasia korthalsii Schott; Alocasia leoniae Engl. & K.Krause; Alocasia longifolia Engl. & K.Krause; Alocasia lowii Hook.f.; Alocasia lucianii Pucci ex Rodigas; Alocasia pucciana André; Alocasia putzeysii N.E. Br.; Alocasia singaporensis Linden; Alocasia spectabilis Engl. & K.Krause; Alocasia thibantiana Mast.; Alocasia thibautiana Mast.; Alocasia veitchii (Lindl.) Schott; Alocasia watsoniana Sander; Caladium lowii Lemaire; Caladium veitchii Lindl.;
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58 43530 Alocasia longiloba Miq.
J. Rothschild, Pl. Feuill. Col., vol. 2 : t. 29 (1870)