Oxalis latifolia Kunth
Stahl, A., Estudios sobre para la flora de Porto-Rico [unpublished watercolors] (1883-1888)
Estud. Fl. Puerto-Rico

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name recognized (= cited name):
732313 Oxalis latifolia Kunth
family: Oxalidaceae
subfamily: Oxalidoideae
epithet: latifolius,-a,-um

Smithsonion Institute, Washington (DC), U.S.A. [unpublished watercolours]

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text: New York Botanic Garden, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Ionoxalis latifolia (Kunth) Rose; Oxalis latifolia subsp. schraderiana (Kunth) Lourteig; Sassia latifolia (Kunth) Holub;
heterotypic synonyms:
Ionoxalis attenuata Small; Ionoxalis buchtienii Rusby; Ionoxalis calcaria Small; Ionoxalis intermedia (A. Rich.) Small; Ionoxalis stipitata Rose; Ionoxalis tenuiloba Rose; Ionoxalis vallicola Rose; Ionoxalis vespertilionis (Zucc.) Rose; Oxalis acromelaena Diels; Oxalis araucana Reiche; Oxalis atroglandulosa R. Knuth; Oxalis binervis Regel; Oxalis buchtienii (Rusby) R. Knuth; Oxalis bulbifera R. Knuth; Oxalis calcaria (Small) R. Knuth; Oxalis chiriquensis Woodson; Oxalis eggersii Urban; Oxalis intermedia A. Rich.; Oxalis lilacina Klotzsch; Oxalis mauritiana Lodd.; Oxalis morelosensis R. Knuth; Oxalis multipes R. Knuth; Oxalis pseudoarenaria R. Knuth; Oxalis ramonensis R. Knuth; Oxalis stipulata (Rose) Rose ex R. Knuth; Oxalis stylosa Klotzsch ex R. Knuth; Oxalis tenuiloba (Rose) R. Knuth; Oxalis vallicola (Rose) R. Knuth;

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2 732313 Oxalis latifolia Kunth
A. Stahl, Estud. Fl. Puerto-Rico: (1883-1888) [A. Stahl]