Passiflora foetida L.
cited name:
Passiflora foetida L.
Love in a mist
A. Stahl, Estudios sobre para la flora de Porto-Rico [unpublished watercolors], (1883-1888) [A. Stahl]

drawing: A. Stahl

family: Passifloraceae

epithet cited: foetidus,-a,-um
epithet recognized: foetidus,-a,-um

Smithsonion Institute, Washington (DC), U.S.A. [unpublished watercolours]

Copyright reserved. You can try this link to the Smithsonian Institute, Washington (DC), U.S.A.
text: New York Botanic Garden, U.S.A.

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  1. Dysosmia ciliata M. Roemer
  2. Dysosmia foetida (L.) M. Roemer
  3. Dysosmia gossypiifolia M. Roemer
  4. Dysosmia hastata M. Roemer
  5. Dysosmia hibiscifolia M. Roemer
  6. Dysosmia hircina Sweet ex M. Roemer
  7. Dysosmia nigelliflora M. Roemer
  8. Dysosmia polyadena M. Roemer
  9. Passiflora balansae Chodat
  10. Passiflora baraquiniana Lemaire
  11. Passiflora foetida Chodat
  12. Passiflora foetida Killip
  13. Passiflora foetida Killip
  14. Passiflora foetida Miq. ex Triana & Planchon
  15. Passiflora foetida (Bertol.) Mast.
  16. Passiflora foetida (L.) Mast.
  17. Passiflora foetida Killip
  18. Passiflora foetida Killip
  19. Passiflora foetida Killip
  20. Passiflora foetida Killip
  21. Passiflora foetida Killip
  22. Passiflora foetida (Hook.) Mast.
  23. Passiflora foetida Killip
  24. Passiflora foetida Chodat & Hassl.
  25. Passiflora foetida Killip
  26. Passiflora foetida G. Mey.
  27. Passiflora hastata Bertol.
  28. Passiflora hibiscifolia Fenzl ex Jacq.
  29. Passiflora hirsuta Lodd.
  30. Passiflora liebmannii Mast.
  31. Dysosmia marigouja Perr. ex Triana & Planchon
  32. Dysosmia muralis Barb. Rodr.
  33. Dysosmia nigelliflora Hook.
  34. Dysosmia polyadena Vell.
  35. Dysosmia pseudociliata Britton
  36. Dysosmia variegata Miller
  37. Dysosmia vesicaria L.
  38. Dysosmia obscura (Lindl.) M.Roem.
  39. Dysosmia hirsuta F.Jacq.
  40. Dysosmia foetida (L.) Gaertn.

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Passiflora foetida L.
A. Stahl, Estudios sobre para la flora de Porto-Rico [unpublished watercolors], (1883-1888) [A. Stahl]
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