Fevillea trilobata L.
Engler, H.G.A., Pflanzenreich (1900-1968)

vol. 275 (1916)
[Cucurbitaceae - Fevilleae & Melothrieae]
p. 6 f. 1
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name recognized (= name cited):
436151 Fevillea trilobata L.

family: Cucurbitaceae
subfamily: Zanonioideae
epithet: trilobatus,-a,-um

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University of Toronto Library, Canada
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heterotypic synonyms:
Fevillea albiflora Cogn.; Fevillea cordifolia Vell.; Fevillea marcgravii Guib.; Fevillea tomentosa Gardner; Fevillea triangularis M. Roemer;
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Fevillea trilobata L.
H.G.A. Engler, Pflanzenr., vol. 275 [Heft 66], (Cucurbitaceae - Fevilleae & Melothrieae): p. 6, fig. 1 (1928)