Bouteloua repens (Kunth) Scribn. & Merr. [ Bouteloua humboldtiana Griseb.]

vol. 1(1):
t. 40
name recognized:
152880 Bouteloua repens (Kunth) Scribn. & Merr.
name recognized (basionym):
343307 Dinebra repens Kunth

name cited:
152811 Bouteloua humboldtiana Griseb.

family: Gramineae
subfamily: Chloridoideae
tribe: Cynodonteae
subtribe: Boutelouinae
epithet cited: humboldtianus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: repens

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homotypic synonyms:
Dinebra repens Kunth; Eutriana repens (Kunth) Trin.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Bouteloua bromoides Lag.; Bouteloua filiformis (E.Fourn.) Griffiths; Bouteloua heterostega (Trin.) Griffiths; Bouteloua humboldtiana Griseb.; Bouteloua juncifolia Vasey; Bouteloua pubescens Pilg.; Chloris americana R. Br.; Dinebra juncifolia (Desv.) Steudel; Eutriana heterostega Trin.; Eutriana juncifolia (Desv.) Kunth; Eutriana lagascae Kunth;
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6 152880 Bouteloua repens (Kunth) Scribn. & Merr. (Kunth) Scribn. & Merr. [Bouteloua humboldtiana Griseb.]
Grasses of the Southwest (= Illustrations of North American grasses vol. 1) , vol. 1(1): : t. 40 ()