Calpurnia aurea |
ID illustration: 203220ID basionym cited:961004
ID publication: 377ID species cited:182505
ID volume: 4824ID basionym recognized:961004
ID genus cited: 6623ID species recognized:182505
ID genus recognized: 6623

garden (1872-1927)
The Garden

vol. 51: (1871)

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name recognized (= name cited):
182505 Calpurnia aurea

family: Papilionaceae
tribe: Podalyrieae

Illustration contributed by:
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Calpurnia aurea subsp. aurea (Aiton) Benth.; Podalyria aurea (Aiton) Willd.; Sophora aurea Aiton; Virgilia aurea (Aiton) Lam.;

heterotypic synonyms:
Calpurnia subdecandra Schweickerdt; Calpurnia sylvatica E. Mey.;
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Calpurnia aurea (Aiton) Benth.
The Garden, vol. 51: (1871)