Musa paradisiaca L.
Berg, A., Physiognomy of tropical vegetation in South America (1854)

t. 9 f. 2
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name recognized (= name cited):
683885 Musa paradisiaca L.

drawing: A. Berg
family: Musaceae
subfamily: Musoideae
epithet: paradisiacus,-a,-um

Illustration contributed by:
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Musa paradisiaca subsp. sapientum (L.) Kuntze; Musa paradisiaca var. sapientum (L.) Kuntze; Musa paradisiaca var. sapientum (L.) Kuntze; Musa paradisiaca subsp. sapientum (L.) Kuntze ex Schumann; Musa paradisiaca subsp. troglodytarum (L.) Schumann;
heterotypic synonyms:
Musa acutibracteata M.Hotta; Musa alphurica Miq.; Musa aphurica Rumph. ex Sagot; Musa arakanensis F.W.Ripley ex Blechynden; Musa bacoba Rottb.; Musa berteroi Colla; Musa bidigitalis De Wild.; Musa carolinae Sterler; Musa champa Baker; Musa chapara Perr.; Musa chiliocarpa Backer ex K.Heyne; Musa consociata Nakai; Musa corbieri A. Chev.; Musa corniculata Lour.; Musa dacca Horan.; Musa decrescens De Briey ex De Wild.; Musa discolor Horan.; Musa dulcissima Nakai; Musa emasculata De Briey ex De Wild.; Musa humilis Perr.; Musa ingrata Nakai; Musa jaheri Nakai; Musa maculata Jacq.; Musa megalocarpa Nakai; Musa mensaria Moench; Musa mirabilis Nakai; Musa nigra Perr.; Musa odorata Lour.; Musa oleracea Vieill.; Musa pallida Nakai; Musa polycarpa Nakai; Musa prematura Nakai; Musa protractorachis De Wild.; Musa purpureotomentosa De Wild.; Musa sapidisiaca K.C.Jacob; Musa sapientum L.; Musa trichocarpa Nakai; Musa vittata W. Ackm. ex Rodigas;
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Musa paradisiaca L.
A. Berg, Physiognomy of tropical vegetation in South America; A series of views illustrating the primeval forests on the river Magdalena and in the Andes of New Granada: t. 9, fig. 2 (1854) [A. Berg]