Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench [ Sorghum vulgare Pers.]
Hughes, G., natural history of Barbados (1750)
Nat. Hist. Barbados

t. 23 p. 254 f. 3
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name recognized:
961917 Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench
name recognized (basionym):
534191 Holcus bicolor L.

name cited:
962436 Sorghum vulgare Pers.

cited non-linnean name:
Guiney Corn, Milium Indicum arundinaceum

drawing: unsigned
family: Gramineae
subfamily: Panicoideae
tribe: Andropogoneae
subtribe: Sorghinae
epithet cited: vulgaris,-is,-e

epithet recognized: bicolor

Illustration contributed by:
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Andropogon bicolor (L.) Roxb.; Holcus bicolor L.; Milium bicolor (L.) Cav.; Sorghum bicolor subsp. halepense (L.) de Wet & Huckabay;
heterotypic synonyms:
Agrostis nigricans (Ruiz & Pavon) Poiret; Andropogon besseri Kunth; Andropogon caffrorum (Thunb.) Kunth; Andropogon compactus Brot.; Andropogon dulcis Burm.f.; Andropogon niger (Ard.) Kunth; Andropogon rubens Kunth; Andropogon saccharatrus Kunth; Andropogon saccharatus (L.) Raspail; Andropogon sorghum (L.) Brot.; Andropogon subglabrescens Steudel; Andropogon truchmenorum Walp.; Andropogon usorum Steudel; Andropogon vulgare (Pers.) Balansa; Andropogon vulgaris Raspail; Holcus albus Steudel; Holcus arduinii J. Gmelin; Holcus cafer Ard.; Holcus caffrorum (Retz.) Thunb.; Holcus cernuus Ard.; Holcus cernuus Muhl.; Holcus cernuus Willd.; Holcus compactus Lam.; Holcus dochna Forssk.; Holcus dora Mieg; Holcus duna J. Gmelin; Holcus durra Forssk.; Holcus ferrugineus Schrader ex Roemer & Schultes; Holcus niger Ard.; Holcus nigerrimus Ard.; Holcus nigricans Steudel; Holcus pyramidalis Steudel; Holcus rubens Gaertner; Holcus saccharatus L.; Holcus sorghum Brot.; Holcus sorghum L.; Milium compactum (Lam.) Cav.; Milium maximum Cav.; Milium nigricans Ruiz & Pavon; Milium sorghum (L.) Cav.; Milium sorgo Garsault; Panicum caffrorum Retz.; Panicum frumentaceum Salisb.; Rhaphis sorghum (L.) Roberty; Sorghum abyssinicum (Hackel) Chiov.; Sorghum album Roemer & Schultes; Sorghum ankolib (Hackel) Stapf; Sorghum anomalum Desv.; Sorghum arduinii (Gmelin) J.Jacq.; Sorghum basiplicatum Chiov.; Sorghum basutorum Snowden; Sorghum caffrorum (Retz.) P. Beauv.; Sorghum campanum Ten. & Guss.; Sorghum caudatum (Hackel) Stapf; Sorghum centroplicatum Chiov.; Sorghum cernuum (Ard.) Host; Sorghum chinense Jakusch.; Sorghum commune P. Beauv.; Sorghum compactum Lag.; Sorghum conspicuum Snowden; Sorghum coriaceum Snowden; Sorghum dochna (Forssk.) Snowden; Sorghum dora (Mieg) Cuoco; Sorghum dulcicaule Snowden; Sorghum dura Griseb.; Sorghum durra (Forssk.) Batt. & Trab.; Sorghum durra (Forssk.) Stapf; Sorghum elegans (Körn.) Snowden; Sorghum eplicatum Chiov.; Sorghum exsertum Snowden; Sorghum gambicum Snowden; Sorghum giganteum Edgew.; Sorghum glabrescens (Steudel) Schweinf. & Asch.; Sorghum glycychylum Pass.; Sorghum guineense Stapf; Sorghum japonicum (Hackel) Roshev.; Sorghum margaritiferum Stapf; Sorghum medioplicatum Chiov.; Sorghum melaleucum Stapf; Sorghum melanocarpum Huber; Sorghum mellitum Snowden; Sorghum membranaceum Chiov.; Sorghum miliiforme (Hackel) Snowden; Sorghum nankinense Huber; Sorghum nervosum Besser ex Schultes & Schultes f.; Sorghum nervosum Chiov.; Sorghum nigericum P.Vig.; Sorghum nigricans (Ruiz & Pavon) Snowden; Sorghum nigrum (Ard.) Roemer & Schultes; Sorghum notabile Snowden; Sorghum pallidum Chiov.; Sorghum papyrascens Stapf; Sorghum pyramidale Roemer & Schultes; Sorghum rigidum Snowden; Sorghum rollii Chiov.; Sorghum rubens Willd.; Sorghum saccharatum (L.) Moench; Sorghum saccharatum (L.) Pers.; Sorghum saccharatum Host; Sorghum sativum (Hackel) Batt. & Trab.; Sorghum schimperi (Hackel) Chiov.; Sorghum simulans Snowden; Sorghum sorghum (L.) Karsten; Sorghum splendidum (Hackel) Snowden; Sorghum subglabrescens (Steudel) Schweinf. & Asch.; Sorghum tataricum Huber; Sorghum technicum (Körn.) Batt. & Trab.; Sorghum technicum (Körn.) Roshev.; Sorghum truchmenorum K. Koch; Sorghum usorum Nees; Sorghum vulgare Pers.;
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