Eleocharis mutata (L.) Roemer & Schultes [ Eleocharis spiralis (Rottb.) R. Br.]
Clarke, C.B., Illustrations of Cyperaceae (1909)
Ill. Cyper.

t. 35 f. 5-7
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name recognized:
378417 Eleocharis mutata (L.) Roemer & Schultes
name recognized (basionym):
922409 Scirpus mutatus L.

name cited:
378685 Eleocharis spiralis (Rottb.) R. Br.

name cited (basionym):
922822 Scirpus spiralis Rottb.
drawing: N.E. Brown
family: Cyperaceae
epithet cited: spiralis,-is,-e

epithet recognized: mutatus,-a,-um

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University of California Libraries, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Eleocharis mutata (L.) R. Br.; Limnochloa mutata (L.) Liebm.; Limnochloa mutata (L.) Nees; Scirpus mutatus L.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Eleocharis scariosa Steudel; Eleocharis spiralis (Rottb.) R. Br.; Eleocharis spiralis Boeckeler; Scirpus marginatus Muhl.; Scirpus obtuse-trigonus Salzm. ex Steudel;
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5 378417 Eleocharis mutata (L.) Roemer & Schultes (L.) Roemer & Schultes [Eleocharis spiralis (Rottb.) R. Br.]
C.B. Clarke, Ill. Cyper.: t. 35, fig. 5-7 (1909) [N.E. Brown]