Doryopteris concolor (Langsd. & Fischer) Kuhn [ Pteris geraniifolia Raddi]
Baynes, C.E., Day, W., Album of Indian ferns (1887)

t. 8 f. 18
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name recognized:
356826 Doryopteris concolor (Langsd. & Fischer) Kuhn
name recognized (basionym):
850491 Pteris concolor Langsd. & Fischer

name cited:
850664 Pteris geraniifolia Raddi

drawing: C.E. Baynes
family: Pteridaceae
subfamily: Pteridoideae
epithet cited: geraniifolius,-a,-um

epithet recognized: concolor

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homotypic synonyms:
Allosorus concolor (Langsd. & Fischer) Kuntze; Cheilanthes concolor (Langsd. & Fischer) R.M. Tryon & A.F. Tr; Pellaea concolor (Langsd. & Fischer) Baker; Pteris concolor Langsd. & Fischer;
heterotypic synonyms:
Doryopteris geraniifolia (Raddi) Klotzsch; Pellaea contracta (Kunze) Fée; Platyloma geraniifolia (Raddi) Lowe; Pteris cheilantoides Hayata; Pteris geraniifolia Raddi; Pteris pohliana PRESL;
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6 356826 Doryopteris concolor (Langsd. & Fischer) Kuhn (Langsd. & Fischer) Kuhn [Pteris geraniifolia Raddi]
C.E. Baynes, W. Day, Album of Indian ferns: t. 8, fig. 18 (1887) [C.E. Baynes]