Thelypteris dentata (Forssk.) E.P. St. John [ Nephrodium molle (Sw.) R. Br.]
Baynes, C.E., Day, W., Album of Indian ferns (1887)

t. 14 f. 29
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name recognized:
1010536 Thelypteris dentata (Forssk.) E.P. St. John
name recognized (basionym):
824731 Polypodium dentatum Forssk.

name cited:
698847 Nephrodium molle (Sw.) R. Br.

name cited (basionym):
100346 Aspidium molle Sw.
drawing: C.E. Baynes
family: Dryopteridaceae
subfamily: Dryopteridoideae
tribe: Dryopterideae
epithet cited: mollis,-is,-e

epithet recognized: dentatus,-a,-um

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homotypic synonyms:
Christella dentata (Forssk.) Brownsey & Jermy; Christella dentata (Forssk.) Holttum; Cyclosorus dentatus (Forssk.) Ching; Dryopteris dentata (Forssk.) C. Chr.; Nephrodium dentatum (Forssk.) Kümmerle; Polypodium dentatum Forssk.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Aspidium molle Sw.; Aspidium violascens Link; Dryopteris mollis (Fée) Maxon; Dryopteris mollis (Sw.) Hieron.; Dryopteris reducta (Small) M. Broun; Nephrodium molle (Sw.) R. Br.; Nephrodium violascens (Link) Fée; Polypodium molle Jacq.; Polypodium molle Schreber; Polystichum molle (Sw.) Gaudich.; Thelypteris reducta Small;
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5 1010536 Thelypteris dentata (Forssk.) E.P. St. John (Forssk.) E.P. St. John [Nephrodium molle (Sw.) R. Br.]
C.E. Baynes, W. Day, Album of Indian ferns: t. 14, fig. 29 (1887) [C.E. Baynes]