Paeonia officinalis L.
cited name:
Paeonia officinalis L.
Common Peony
Transactions of the royal horticultural society of London, vol. 2: t. 18 (1822)


family: Paeoniaceae

epithet cited: officinalis,-is,-e
epithet recognized: officinalis,-is,-e

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Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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  1. Moutan officinalis (L.) Lindl. & Paxton
  2. Paeonia anemoniflora (Hook.) auct.
  3. Paeonia barrii Lynch
  4. Paeonia baxteri Sabine ex Salm-Dyck
  5. Paeonia commutata Wender.
  6. Paeonia elegans Sabine ex Salm-Dyck
  7. Paeonia feminea (L.) Desf.
  8. Paeonia festiva Tausch
  9. Paeonia fimbriata (Sabine) B.D.Jacks.
  10. Paeonia foemina Miller
  11. Paeonia foemina Garsault
  12. Paeonia fulgens Bailly
  13. Paeonia fulgida Sabine ex Salm-Dyck
  14. Paeonia hirsuta Miller
  15. Paeonia lanceolata Salm-Dyck
  16. Paeonia lobata Rchb.
  17. Paeonia mollis G.Anderson
  18. Paeonia nemoralis Salisb.
  19. Paeonia officinalis Sabine
  20. Paeonia officinalis Hook.
  21. Paeonia officinalis Sabine
  22. Paeonia officinalis L.
  23. Paeonia officinalis (Miller) Martyn
  24. Paeonia officinalis Sabine
  25. Paeonia paradoxa Sabine
  26. Paeonia peregrina (L.) Huth
  27. Paeonia peregrina (L.) Rouy & Foucaud
  28. Paeonia porrigens Rchb.
  29. Paeonia promiscua Tausch
  30. Paeonia pubens Sims
  31. Paeonia rubra Steudel
  32. Paeonia sessiliflora Sims
  33. Paeonia splendens Bailly
  34. Paeonia subternata Salm-Dyck
  35. Paeonia versicolor W.H.Baxter

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Paeonia officinalis L.
Transactions of the royal horticultural society of London, vol. 2: t. 18 (1822)
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