Pelargonium otaviense R. Knuth [ Pelargonium virgatum R. Knuth]
Trattinnick (Trattinick), L., Neue Arten von Pelargonien (1825-1832)
Neu. Pelargonien

vol. 5 (1830)
[tt. 193-240]
t. 217
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name recognized:
761030 Pelargonium otaviense R. Knuth

name cited:
761551 Pelargonium virgatum R. Knuth

family: Geraniaceae
epithet cited: virgatus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: otaviensis,-is,-e

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Archbishop chateau and gardens, Kroměříž, Czech republic
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heterotypic synonyms:
Pelargonium damarense R. Knuth; Pelargonium roessingense Dinter; Pelargonium virgatum R. Knuth;
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6 761030 Pelargonium otaviense R. Knuth R. Knuth [Pelargonium virgatum R. Knuth]
L. Trattinnick (Trattinick), Neu. Pelargonien, vol. 5 : t. 217 (1826)