Erica massonii L.f. [ Erica massonia Andrews]
Pole-Evans, I.B., Phillips, E.P., Dyer, R.A., flowering plants of South Africa (flowering plants of Africa) [originals]
Fl. Pl. S. Afr.

vol. 58 (2003)
t. 2193
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name recognized:
395917 Erica massonii L.f.

name cited:
395916 Erica massonia Andrews

drawing: Smith
family: Ericaceae
subfamily: Ericoideae
tribe: Ericeae
epithet cited:

epithet recognized: massonii

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heterotypic synonyms:
Callista acuminata G.Don; Callista bedfordiana G.Don; Callista bucciniflora G.Don; Callista calostoma G.Don; Callista magnifica G.Don; Callista metuliflora G.Don; Callista quadrangularis G.Don; Callista rigida G.Don; Callista stellifera G.Don; Callista swainsoniana G.Don; Callista templeana G.Don; Callista undulata G.Don; Erica acuminata Andrews; Erica adjuvans Klotzsch; Erica ambigua J.C.Wendl.; Erica andrewsii Klotzsch; Erica bibracteata Klotzsch; Erica bucciniflora Sims; Erica calamiformis Salisb.; Erica calostoma Lodd.; Erica carinata Lodd.; Erica culcitiflora Salisb.; Erica cylindrica Andrews; Erica erosa Lodd.; Erica gemmifera Lodd.; Erica hybrida Benth.; Erica lycopodiifolia Salisb.; Erica magnifica Andrews; Erica massonia Andrews; Erica metuliflora Curtis; Erica oblonga J.Forbes; Erica pallida Lodd.; Erica patersonioides J.Forbes; Erica perspicua J.Forbes; Erica perspicuoides J.Forbes; Erica princeps Andrews; Erica pseudovestita Benth.; Erica quadrangularis Andrews; Erica radiata Andrews; Erica rigida Lodd.; Erica rubercalyx Andrews; Erica rubida Lodd.; Erica rubrocalyx Gentilh. & Carruth.; Erica rubrosepala Sweet; Erica rugosa Andrews; Erica spuria Andrews; Erica stellifera Andrews; Erica swainsonia Andrews; Erica templea J.Lee ex Andrews; Erica translucens Andrews; Erica tubulosa J.C.Wendl.; Erica undulata Andrews; Erica westphalingia Benth.;
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