Oxalis psoraleoides Kunth [ Oxalis dispar N.E. Br.]
Everard, B., Wild flowers of the world (1970)
Wild Fl. World

t. 171 f. B
name recognized:
732795 Oxalis psoraleoides Kunth

name cited:
731946 Oxalis dispar N.E. Br.

drawing: B. Everard
family: Oxalidaceae
subfamily: Oxalidoideae
epithet cited: dispar

epithet recognized: psoraleoides

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heterotypic synonyms:
Acetosella psoraleoides Mart.; Oxalis affinis R. Knuth; Oxalis camisaoensis R. Knuth; Oxalis candicans R. Knuth; Oxalis capitata R. Knuth; Oxalis cognita R. Knuth; Oxalis dispar N.E. Br.; Oxalis hypopilina Diels; Oxalis insipida A. St.-Hil.; Oxalis loxensis R. Knuth; Oxalis lutzelburgii R. Knuth; Oxalis mathewsii R. Knuth; Oxalis noronhae Oliver; Oxalis parapitensis R. Knuth; Oxalis piauhyensis R. Knuth; Oxalis psoraleoides Mart.; Oxalis velutina Diels;
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6 732795 Oxalis psoraleoides Kunth Kunth [Oxalis dispar N.E. Br.]
Wild Fl. World: t. 171, fig. B () [B. Everard]