Philadelphus coronarius L.
Mc Donnald, D., Sweet scented flowers and fragant leaves (1895)

t. 16
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Philadelphus coronarius L.

name cited:
Philadelphus coronarius L.
family: Hydrangeaceae
subfamily: Hydrangeoideae
tribe: Philadelpheae
epithet: coronarius,-a,-um

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heterotypic synonyms:
Philadelphus caucasicus Koehne; Philadelphus deyrolleanus Lavallée; Philadelphus kochianus Koehne; Philadelphus pallidus Hayek ex C.K.Schneid.; Philadelphus zeyheri Schrader; Syringa alba Garsault;
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2 777547 Philadelphus coronarius L.
D. Mc Donnald, Sweet scented flowers and fragant leaves: t. 16 (1895)