Caesalpinia enneaphylla Roxb.
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Caesalpinia enneaphylla Roxb.

name cited:
Caesalpinia enneaphylla Roxb.
drawing: Q.M.R. VerHuell
family: Caesalpiniaceae
tribe: Caesalpinieae
epithet: enneaphyllus,-a,-um

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Illustration contributed by:
Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, Leyden, The Netherlands
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homotypic synonyms:
Mezoneuron enneaphyllum (Roxb.) Benth.; Mezoneurum enneaphyllum (Roxb.) Wight & Arn.; Mezonevron enneaphyllum (Roxb.) Wight & Arn.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Caesalpinia sepiaria auct. non Roxb.;
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2 172442 Caesalpinia enneaphylla Roxb.
Naturalis: , fig. B () [Q.M.R. VerHuell]