Plumeria rubra L. [ Plumeria acutifolia Poiret]
North, M., Paintings
Paintings M. North

t. 305
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name recognized:
813040 Plumeria rubra L.

name cited:
812908 Plumeria acutifolia Poiret

cited non-linnean name:
The Gool-achin or Caracucha

drawing: M. North
family: Apocynaceae
subfamily: Plumeroideae
epithet cited: acutifolius,-a,-um

epithet recognized: ruber, rubra, rubrum

Copyright reserved. Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, U.K.
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heterotypic synonyms:
Cameraria latifolia Sessé & Moc.; Plumeria acuminata Aiton f.; Plumeria acutifolia Poiret; Plumeria angustifolia A. DC.; Plumeria arborea Noronha; Plumeria arborescens G. Don; Plumeria aurantia Endl.; Plumeria aurantia Lodd. ex G. Don; Plumeria aurantiaca Steudel; Plumeria bicolor Ruiz & Pavon; Plumeria blandfordiana Lodd. ex G. Don; Plumeria carinata Ruiz & Pavon; Plumeria conspicua G. Don; Plumeria gouanii D. Don ex G. Don.; Plumeria incarnata Miller; Plumeria incarnata Ruiz & Pavon; Plumeria jamesonii Hook.; Plumeria kerrii G. Don; Plumeria kunthiana Kostel.; Plumeria lambertiana Lindl.; Plumeria loranthifolia Muell. Arg.; Plumeria lutea Ruiz & Pavon; Plumeria macrophylla Lodd. ex G. Don; Plumeria megaphylla A. DC.; Plumeria mexicana Lodd.; Plumeria milleri G. Don; Plumeria mollis Kunth; Plumeria northiana Lodd. ex G. Don; Plumeria purpurea Ruiz & Pavon; Plumeria tenuifolia Lodd. ex G. Don; Plumeria tricolor Ruiz & Pavon;
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6 813040 Plumeria rubra L. L. [Plumeria acutifolia Poiret]
M. North, Paintings M. North: t. 305 () [M. North]