Sesuvium portulacastrum (L.) L.
Britton, N.L., Horne, F.W., Popular flora of Puerto Rico, Flora Borinqueña [unpublished watercolors]
Popular Fl. Puerto Rico

t. 14]
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name recognized (= name cited):
942556 Sesuvium portulacastrum (L.) L.
name recognized (basionym):
831789 Portulaca portulacastrum L.

drawing: F.W. Horne
family: Aizoaceae
subfamily: Sesuvioideae
epithet: portulacastrus,-a,-um

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homotypic synonyms:
Portulaca portulacastrum L.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Aizoon canariense Andrews; Aizoon montevidense Sprengel ex Rohr; Halimus maritima Kuntze; Halimus portulacastrum (L.) Kuntze; Pharnaceum rubens Adamson; Sesuvium acutifolium Miq.; Sesuvium longifolium Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.; Sesuvium ortegae Sprengel; Sesuvium pedunculatum Pers.; Sesuvium portulacastrum Sessé & Moc.; Sesuvium repens Willd.; Sesuvium revolutifolium Ortega; Sesuvium sessile Larrañaga; Sesuvium sessile Pers.; Sesuvium sessiliflorum Dombey ex Rohrb.; Trianthema americana Gillies ex Arn.;
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Sesuvium portulacastrum (L.) L.
N.L. Britton, F.W. Horne, Popular Fl. Puerto Rico: t. 14] () [F.W. Horne]