Ipomoea imperati (Vahl) Griseb. [ Ipomoea stolonifera J. Gmelin]
Britton, N.L., Horne, F.W., Popular flora of Puerto Rico, Flora Borinqueña [unpublished watercolors]
Popular Fl. Puerto Rico

t. 212]
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name recognized:
556745 Ipomoea imperati (Vahl) Griseb.
name recognized (basionym):
270871 Convolvulus imperati Vahl

name cited:
557354 Ipomoea stolonifera J. Gmelin

drawing: F.W. Horne
family: Convolvulaceae
epithet cited: stolonifer, stolonifera, stoloniferum

epithet recognized: imperati

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homotypic synonyms:
Convolvulus imperati Vahl;
heterotypic synonyms:
Batatas acetosifolia (Vahl) Choisy; Batatas littoralis (L.) Choisy; Convolvulus acetosifolius Vahl; Convolvulus littoralis L.; Convolvulus sinuatus Petagna; Convolvulus stolonifer Cirillo; Ipomoea acetosifolia (Vahl) Roemer & Schultes; Ipomoea carnosa R. Br.; Ipomoea littoralis (L.) Boiss.; Ipomoea stolonifera J. Gmelin;
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6 556745 Ipomoea imperati (Vahl) Griseb. (Vahl) Griseb. [Ipomoea stolonifera J. Gmelin]
N.L. Britton, F.W. Horne, Popular Fl. Puerto Rico: t. 212] () [F.W. Horne]