Oxalis compacta Gillies ex Hook. & Arn. [ Oxalis berteroana Barnéoud]
Gay, C., Historia fysica y politica de Chile, Botanica [Flora Chilena], Atlas (coloured version) (1844-1871)
Fl. Chil., Atlas [coloured version]

vol. 1 (1854)
t. 14 f. 1
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name recognized:
731793 Oxalis compacta Gillies ex Hook. & Arn.

name cited:
731602 Oxalis berteroana Barnéoud

drawing: A. Riocreux
family: Oxalidaceae
subfamily: Oxalidoideae
epithet cited: berteroanus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: compactus,-a,-um

Illustration contributed by:
National Library of Chile
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homotypic synonyms:
Acetosella compacta (Gillies ex Hook. & Arn.) Kuntze;
heterotypic synonyms:
Oxalis borchersi Phil.;
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12 731793 Oxalis compacta Gillies ex Hook. & Arn. Gillies ex Hook. & Arn. [Oxalis berteroana Barnéoud]
C. Gay, Fl. Chil., Atlas [coloured version], vol. 1 : t. 14, fig. 1 (1854) [A. Riocreux]