Astragalus glycyphyllos L.
Aldrovandi, U., tavole acquerellate di Ulisse Aldrovandi (1550-1600)
Tav. Acquerel. Ulisse Alsrovandi

vol. 2
t. 285
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Astragalus glycyphyllos L.

binominal name:
Astragalus glycyphyllos L.
cited non-linnean names:
Hedissari species
Polygala Cordi
Faenum graecum

drawing: U. Aldrovandi
family: Papilionaceae
tribe: Galegeae
epithet cited: glycyphyllos,-os,-on

epithet recognized:

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heterotypic synonyms:
Astragalus glyciphyllos L.; Astragalus glycophyllos L.;

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2 110476 Astragalus glycyphyllos L.
U. Aldrovandi, Tav. Acquerel. Ulisse Alsrovandi, vol. 2 : t. 285 (1550-1600) [U. Aldrovandi]