Heliophila maraisiana Al-Shehbaz & Mummenhoff [ Cycloptychis virgata Meyen ex Sonder]
Journal of South African Botany. Kirstenbosch.
J. S. African Bot.

vol. 19 (1953)
p. 151 f. 2 F
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name recognized:
504137 Heliophila maraisiana Al-Shehbaz & Mummenhoff

name cited:
303751 Cycloptychis virgata Meyen ex Sonder

drawing: W.F. Barker
family: Cruciferae
epithet cited: virgatus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: maraisianus,-a,-um

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heterotypic synonyms:
Cycloptychis virgata Meyen ex Sonder;
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5 504137 Heliophila maraisiana Al-Shehbaz & Mummenhoff Al-Shehbaz & Mummenhoff [Cycloptychis virgata Meyen ex Sonder]
J. S. African Bot., vol. 19 : p. 151, fig. 2 F (1935) [W.F. Barker]