Liparis loeselii (L.) Rich.
Komarov (Komorov), V.L., Flora of the U.S.S.R. (1934-1964)

vol. 4
t. 37 p. 605 f. 8
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Liparis loeselii (L.) Rich.

name cited:
Liparis loeselii (L.) Rich.
name cited (basionym):
Ophrys loeselii L.
name recognized:
Liparis loeselii (L.) Rich.
name recognized (basionym):
Ophrys loeselii L.
family: Orchidaceae
subfamily: Epidendroideae
tribe: Malaxideae
epithet: loeselii

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Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
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contact about this record homotypic synonyms:
Cymbidium loeselii (L.) Sw.; Leptorchis loeselii (L.) MacMill.; Leptorkis loeselii (L.) MacMill.; Malaxis loeselii (L.) Sw.; Mesoptera loeselii (L.) Raf.; Ophrys loeselii L.; Orchis loeselii (L.) MacMill.; Pseudorchis loeselii (L.) Gray; Serapias loeselii (L.) Hoffm.; Sturmia loeselii (L.) Rchb.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Liparis bifolia St.-Lag.; Liparis correana (W.P.C.Barton) Sprengel; Malaxis correana W.P.C.Barton; Malaxis longifolia W.P.C.Barton; Ophrys paludosa O.F. Muell.; Ophrys pulchella Salisb.; Ophrys trigona Gilib.;