Monsonia speciosa L. [ Monsonia lobata Montin]
Burnett, M.A., Burnett, G.T., Plantae utiliores; or illustrations of useful plants, employed in the arts and medicine (1842-1850)
Pl. Util.

vol. 4 (1850)
[tt. [1-68]]
t. 58
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name recognized:
679478 Monsonia speciosa L.

name cited:
679448 Monsonia lobata Montin

W. Curtis, Bot. Mag., vol. 11 (tt. 361-398): t. 385 (1797) [n.a.]

family: Geraniaceae
epithet cited: lobatus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: speciosus,-a,-um

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heterotypic synonyms:
Erodium speciosum Salisb.; Geranium anemonoides Thunb.; Geranium monsonia Thunb.; Geranium speciosum Thunb.; Monsonia speciosa Sweet;
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6 679478 Monsonia speciosa L. L. [Monsonia lobata Montin]
M.A. Burnett, G.T. Burnett, Pl. Util., vol. 4 : t. 58 (1842-1850)