Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.) Engelm.
Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis (1860-1958)
Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis

vol. 1
t. 14 f. 1-17
name recognized (= name cited):
1109745 Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.) Engelm.
name recognized (basionym):
942349 Sesleria dactyloides Nutt.

drawing: G. Engelmann
family: Gramineae
subfamily: Chloridoideae
tribe: Cynodonteae
subtribe: Boutelouinae
epithet: dactyloides

Illustration contributed by:
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) Columbus; Sesleria dactyloides Nutt.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Anthephora axilliflora Steudel; Bouteloua mutica Griseb. ex E.Fourn.; Melica mexicana Link ex E.Fourn.;
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2 1109745 Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.) Engelm. [80 942349 Sesleria dactyloides Nutt.]
Trans. Acad. Sci. St. Louis, vol. 1 : t. 14, fig. 1-17 (1860-1958) [G. Engelmann]