Dracaena afromontana Mildbr.
Mildbraed, G.W.J., Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der deutschen Zentral-Afrika-Expedition, Botanik (1914)
Wiss. Erg. Deut. Zentr.-Afr. Exped., Bot.

vol. 2 (1914)
t. 5 f. A-E (1839)
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name recognized (= cited name):
358683 Dracaena afromontana Mildbr.
family: Agavaceae
subfamily: Dracenoideae
epithet: afromontanus,-a,-um

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Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
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2 358683 Dracaena afromontana Mildbr.
G.W.J. Mildbraed, Wiss. Erg. Deut. Zentr.-Afr. Exped., Bot., vol. 2 (Botanik): t. 5, fig. A-E (1839)