Dioscorea alata L.
Rhind, W., history of the vegetable kingdom, new ed. (1855)
Hist. Veg. Kingd.

t. 10 f. 3
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name recognized (= cited name):
343875 Dioscorea alata L.
drawing: W.H. Fitch
engraving/lithography: J. Bishop
family: Dioscoreaceae
tribe: Dioscoroideae
epithet: alatus,-a,-um

Illustration contributed by:
Wellcome Museum and Library, London, U.K.
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heterotypic synonyms:
Dioscorea atropurpurea Roxb.; Dioscorea colocasiifolia Pax; Dioscorea eburina Lour.; Dioscorea eburnea Lour.; Dioscorea globosa Roxb.; Dioscorea javanica Queva; Dioscorea purpurea Roxb.; Dioscorea rubella Roxb.; Dioscorea sapinii De Wild.; Dioscorea sativa Munro; Dioscorea vulgaris Miq.;
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