Premna serratifolia L. [ Premna integrifolia (R. Br.) Benth.]
Natural History Museum, London
Nat. Hist. Mus., London

[The Endeavour Botanical Illustrations]

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name recognized:
836604 Premna serratifolia L.

name cited:
1271975 Premna integrifolia (R. Br.) Benth.

name cited (basionym):
-1 -
drawing: G. Sibelius
family: Verbenaceae
subfamily: Viticoideae
epithet cited: integrifolius,-a,-um

epithet recognized: serratifolius,-a,-um

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heterotypic synonyms:
Citharexylum paniculatum Poiret; Cornutia corymbosa Burm.f.; Gumira abbreviata (Miq.) Kuntze; Gumira attenuata (R. Br.) Kuntze; Gumira integrifolia Hassk.; Gumira laevigata (Miq.) Kuntze; Gumira opulifolia (Miq.) Kuntze; Gumira truncata (Turcz.) Kuntze; Premna abbreviata Miq.; Premna angustior (C.B. Clarke) Ridley; Premna attenuata R. Br.; Premna benthamiana Domin; Premna corymbosa (Burm.f.) Schauer; Premna gaudichaudii Schauer; Premna glabra A. Gray ex Maxim.; Premna glycycocca F. Muell.; Premna hircina Wall.; Premna integrifolia (R. Br.) Benth.; Premna integrifolia L.; Premna integrifolia Willd.; Premna laevigata Miq.; Premna littoralis King & Gamble; Premna media R. Br.; Premna obtusifolia R. Br.; Premna opulifolia Miq.; Premna ovata R. Br.; Premna sambucina Wall. ex Schauer; Premna spinosa Roxb.; Premna subcordata Turcz.; Premna truncata Turcz.;
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5 836604 Premna serratifolia L. L. [Premna integrifolia (R. Br.) Benth.]
Nat. Hist. Mus., London (The Endeavour Botanical Illustrations): () [G. Sibelius]