Hippeastrum striatum (Lam.) H.E.Moore [ Amaryllis crocata Ker Gawl.]
Bury, E., selection of Hexandrian plants (1831-1834)
Select. Hexandr. Pl.

t. 16
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name recognized:
532289 Hippeastrum striatum (Lam.) H.E.Moore
name recognized (basionym):
51731 Amaryllis striata Lam.

name cited:
51434 Amaryllis crocata Ker Gawl.

drawing: E. Bury
family: Amaryllidaceae
tribe: Amaryllideae
subtribe: Amaryllidinae
epithet cited: crocatus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: striatus,-a,-um

Illustration contributed by:
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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homotypic synonyms:
Amaryllis striata Lam.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Amaryllis acuminata Ker Gawl.; Amaryllis bahiensis DC.; Amaryllis crocata Ker Gawl.; Amaryllis fulgida Ker Gawl.; Amaryllis miniata Ker Gawl.; Amaryllis pulverulenta Lodd.; Amaryllis rutila Ker Gawl.; Amaryllis rutilans Lodd. ex Steudel; Amaryllis subbarbata (Herb.) Sweet; Hippeastrum acuminatum M. Roemer; Hippeastrum bahiense (DC.) M. Roemer; Hippeastrum brasiliense M. Roemer; Hippeastrum bulbulosum Herb.; Hippeastrum crocatum (Ker Gawl.) Herb.; Hippeastrum latifolium M. Roemer; Hippeastrum martianum M. Roemer; Hippeastrum proliferum Herb.; Hippeastrum rutilum (Ker Gawl.) Herb.; Hippeastrum simsianum Herb.; Hippeastrum subbarbatum Herb.; Hippeastrum unguiculatum M. Roemer;
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6 532289 Hippeastrum striatum (Lam.) H.E.Moore (Lam.) H.E.Moore [Amaryllis crocata Ker Gawl.]
E. Bury, Select. Hexandr. Pl.: t. 16 (1831) [E. Bury]