Ficus benjamina L. [as Ficus comosa Roxb.]
cited name:
Ficus comosa Roxb.

W. Roxburgh, Plants of the coast of Coromandel, vol. 2: t. 125 (1798) [n.a.]

drawing: n.a.

family: Moraceae
subfamily: Moroideae
tribe: Ficeae

epithet cited: comosus,-a,-um
epithet recognized: benjaminus,-a,-um

illustration contributed by:
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A.
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Ficus benjamina L. [as Ficus comosa Roxb.]
W. Roxburgh, Plants of the coast of Coromandel, vol. 2: t. 125 (1798) [n.a.]
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