Mesembryanthemum cryptanthum Hook.f.
Melliss, J.C., St. Helena: A Physical, Historical, and Topographical Description of the Island (1875)
St. Helena

vol. 4 (1875)
t. 26
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name recognized (= name cited):
661958 Mesembryanthemum cryptanthum Hook.f.

drawing: J.N. Fitch
family: Aizoaceae
subfamily: Mesembyranthemoideae
epithet: cryptanthus,-a,-um

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heterotypic synonyms:
Hydrodea cryptantha (Hook.f.) N.E. Br.; Mesembryanthemum dactylinum Welw. ex Oliver; Opophytum dactylinum (Welw. ex Oliver) N.E. Br.;
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