Dysoxylum fraserianum (A.Juss.) Benth. [ Dysoxylum becklerianum C.DC.]
Maiden, J.H., Forest Flora of New South Wales (1904-1925)
Forest Fl. N.S.W.

vol. 3 (1906)
t. 97
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name recognized:
366960 Dysoxylum fraserianum (A.Juss.) Benth.
name recognized (basionym):
494595 Hartighsea fraserana A.Juss.

name cited:
366882 Dysoxylum becklerianum C.DC.

drawing: M. Smith (2)
family: Meliaceae
subfamily: Melioideae
epithet cited: becklerianus,-a,-um

epithet recognized: fraserianus,-a,-um

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homotypic synonyms:
Epicharis fraseriana (A.Juss.) C.DC.; Hartighsea fraserana A.Juss.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Alliaria fraseriana Kuntze; Alliaria lessertiana Kuntze; Alliaria pubescens Kuntze; Dysoxylum becklerianum C.DC.; Dysoxylum lessertianum (A.Juss.) Benth.; Dysoxylum ptychocarpum Radlk.; Epicharis lessertiana (A.Juss.) C.DC.; Hartighsea lessertiana A.Juss.;
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6 366960 Dysoxylum fraserianum (A.Juss.) Benth. (A.Juss.) Benth. [Dysoxylum becklerianum C.DC.]
J.H. Maiden, Forest Fl. N.S.W., vol. 3 : t. 97 (1902-1904) [M. Smith (2)]