Ficus benghalensis L.
banyan, Krishna Ficus, vada tree
bengalensis,-is,-e; from Bengal (Benghala), India, or found there for the first time: from Bengal (Benghala), India, or found there for the first time

Sp. Pl. 2: 1059 (1753)
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    Ficus benghalensis L. [as Ficus krishnae C.DC.]
    Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, t. 8052-8111, vol. 132 [ser. 4, vol. 2]: t. 8092 (1906) [M. Smith]
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    Annals of the Royal Botanic Garden, Calcutta, vol. 1: t. 13 (1888) [G.C. Das]
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    C.J. Trew, G.D. Ehret, Plantae selectae, vol. 5: t. 50 (1755) [G.D. Ehret]
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    J. Commelin, Horti medici Amstelodamensis rariorum tam Orientalis, vol. 1: t. 62 (1697)
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    Ficus benghalensis L. [as peralu]
    H.A. van Rheede tot Drakestein, Hortus Indicus Malabaricus, vol. 1: t. 28 (1678)
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    C. Wilkes, Narrative of the United States exploring expedition. During the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, vol. 5: p. 27 (1849)
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    Eugen Ransonnet-Villez, Sketches of the inhabitants, animal life and vegetation in the lowlands and high mountains of Ceylon, t. 1 (1867)
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    Ficus benghalensis L. [as Urostigma benghalense (L.) Gasp.]
    R. Wight, , Icones Plantarum Indiae Orientalis, vol. 6: t. 1989 (1846) [n.a.]
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    J. Moninckx, Moninckx atlas, vol. 5: t. 12 (1682-1709)
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    Ficus benghalensis L. [as Ficus bengalensis]
    J.W. Weinmann, Phytanthoza iconographia, vol. 2: t. 508, fig. e (1739) [unsigned]
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    K.R. Kirtikar, B.D. Basu, Indian medicinal plants, Plates, vol. 5: t. 893 (1918)
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    G.F. White, Roberts E., Views in India, chiefly among the Himalaya mountains, (1839)
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    S.H. Koorders, T. Valeton, Atlas der Baumarten von Java, vol. 4: t. 703 (1918) [M. Mangoendimedjo & R. Samadi]
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    J.S. Kerner, Hortus sempervirens, vol. 17: t. 194 (1806) [J.S. Kerner]
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    Ficus benghalensis L. [as ein wunderbahrer Baum]
    J. Andersen, Orientalische Reise-Beschreibung, p. 19 (1696)
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    Revue horticole, serié 4, vol. 62: p. 138, fig. 43 (1890)
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    Naturalis Biodiversity Centre / Wikimedia commons, () [A. Bernecker]
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    Ficus benghalensis L. [as Foliage and Fruit of the Banyan]
    M. North, Paintings, t. 293 () [M. North]
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    Ficus benghalensis L. [as Old Banyan Trees at Buitenzorg, Java]
    M. North, Paintings, t. 677 () [M. North]
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    Ficus benghalensis L. [as Banyan Tree at Passu Gulag, near Diocio, Java]
    M. North, Paintings, t. 694 () [M. North]
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    Ficus benghalensis L. [as Banyan Trees at Buitenzorg, Java]
    M. North, Paintings, t. 665 () [M. North]
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    Ficus benghalensis L. [as Kyare India with ficus bengalensis]
    M. North, Paintings, () [M. North]
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    Ficus benghalensis L.
    Unpublished drawings (The Morgan library and museum), () [Thomas Daniell]

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